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You may have noticed that an elderly family member is having difficulty maneuvering through everyday situations. Age-related conditions often affect memory, mobility, and focus, making it hard to complete specific tasks. A personal assistant caregiver from Family Support Care LLC can be there to help your loved one while providing encouragement, support, and understanding. Our professionals will identify problem areas and provide patient assistance.

Not all elderly individuals require the same level of care, which is why personal assistance caregivers are trained to assess the living environment and recognize needs they can fill.

These specially trained caregivers can also assist with things like physical therapy exercises and medication management setting them apart from standard care workers. Your loved one will get personalized, empathetic care that can keep them living at home for longer.

Maintain Independence and Safety

At Family Support Care LLC, we know that it can be challenging to watch someone you love struggle. Our caregivers can make a home more secure while maintaining your loved one’s dignity. With the help of a personal assistance caregiver, your loved one can retain their independence for longer, which allows them to continue living at home where they feel comfortable.

Our Personal Assistance Services

We offer the following for clients who need personal assistance care. This is not an exhaustive list, and our services can always be tailored to the needs of each individual.

  • Medication management, including reminders and monitoring for side effects
  • Assist with mobility including dressing, bathing, and moving into and out of bed
  • Meal prep, serving, and clean up
  • Assist with physical therapy and speech therapy exercises
  • Assist with shopping
  • Transportation services
  • Companionship
Personal Assistance in Warren, Ohio

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Family Support Care LLC offers superior service to families in Hamilton, Ohio, and the surrounding counties, including, Clermont, Montgomery, Butler, Warren and Clark. Contact Family Support Care LLC today to learn more about what we offer and our coverage area. You can find peace of mind by putting your loved one in the care of our consistent and considerate personal assistance caregivers.

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